Monrovia Middle School

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October is National Principals Month.  Thank you Mr. Thompson for all you do for our school!

Staff Directory

Acker, Sarah

Anderson, Carla

Austin, Lexie

Brewer, Meredith

Brown, Kristen

Burns, Sangeretta

Byrd, Bill

Copeland, Dwayne

Cox, Gene

Cuzzort, Kellye

Daniel, Caitlan

Doty, Dan

Dowdy, Donald

Echols, Jala

Gunner, Christian

Henson, Pam

Hightower, Janet

Hodgens, Kirk

Holcombe, Sharon

Hubert, Alanna

Hughes, Kelli

Hulman, Brad

Jackson, Amanda

Kinard, Kathy

Kramer, Robin

Kyser, Shannon

Lambert, Mark

Lindsay, Laurie

Martin, Cody

Mayes, Jennifer

Miles, Deanna

Morris, Charlotte

Patton, Yolanda

Pettus, Tamara

Phillips, Megan

Pryor, Michael

Schomburg, Rick

Shelton, Jordan

Smith, Casey

Snipes, Lindsey

Stevenson, Linzee

Stewart, Wendy

Swearingen, Hayle

Toler, Whitney

Tribble, Patty

Watkins, Cristel

Watts, Tim

Weeks, Christopher

Williams, Verra

Wilson, Erin

Wise, Ashley