Monrovia Middle School

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Upcoming 6th graders who will be 11 years old prior to the first day of school must have a T-DAP booster and an updated Blue Card before they can receive their schedule.  Monrovia Middle School invites students and parents to its 6th Grade Meet and Greet.  Students will pick up their schedules, and also be able to walk through their class schedule.  This orientation will be a come and go event for students and parents to meet their teachers, meet students and familiarize them with where they will be during the school day.

Academic Departments

Administration 0 Classes 4 Staff
Cafeteria 0 Classes 0 Staff
Canvas 0 Classes 0 Staff
Drama 0 Classes 1 Staff
English Language Arts 0 Classes 6 Staff
Enrollment 0 Classes 1 Staff
Guidance 0 Classes 1 Staff
INOW 0 Classes 0 Staff
Literature 0 Classes 6 Staff
Mathematics 0 Classes 5 Staff
Physical Education 0 Classes 0 Staff
Science 0 Classes 7 Staff
Social Studies 0 Classes 6 Staff
Special Education 0 Classes 2 Staff
Study Skills 0 Classes 1 Staff
Support Staff 0 Classes 6 Staff
Technology 0 Classes 1 Staff
Withdrawal 0 Classes 1 Staff